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Fibre Reinforced Concrete supplier

Plastic or steel fibre reinforced concrete

Add strength to concrete without the need for steel mesh with Topforce from Micromix.

Micromix fibre reinforced readymix concretes save time, cost and labour. Reinforced with either macro steel fibres or plastic fibres it’s designed to eliminate the requirement need for traditional steel mesh.

Fibres are added at batching plants to give the added strength and durability. As a result, fibre reinforced concrete is suitable for most concrete flooring applications.

Types of fibre reinforced concrete

The fibres used in our fibre reinforced concretes are manufactured from high-strength, high modulus synthetic plastic or steel. Once added, they replace the need for welded mesh and/or reinforcement bars.

Macro steel fibres

Macro steel fibres improve the performance of readymix concrete. By adding them to concrete, you can increase the durability, flexural strength and impact resistance of the mix.

Plastic fibres

By reinforcing concrete with synthetic polypropylene, you can reduce shrinkage and crack potential, increase resistance to freeze thaw damage, and reduce plastic settlement and bleeding.

Applications for fibre reinforced concrete

  • Slabs and industrial floors
  • Suspended floors and slabs
  • Hard standings
  • Jointless surfaces/slabs
  • Lightweight construction
  • Heavily trafficked surfaces
  • Ground bearing slabs
  • Strip footings and foundations
  • Impermeable concrete slabs

Benefits of plastic or steel fibre reinforced concrete

  • Reduced overall programme costs
  • Reduced time on site in manual handling and placement
  • No need for crack control fabric reinforcement
  • Eliminates corrosion issues
  • Provides a reduced structural weight
  • Improved resistance to surface abrasion

Quality assured concrete from Micromix

Enjoy same-day delivery of fibre reinforced concrete from Micromix. We specialise in small loads of concrete (0.5m3 – 4.0m3), and our fast, prompt and reliable service means you can meet construction deadlines with ease. Since we’re part of the Tarmac group and BSI Kitemark scheme, you can trust that our products are high quality, offering your project the best chance of success.

In addition to fibre reinforced concrete, we also have standard, design, waterproof, flowing, high early strength, general, reinforced, self-compacting and paving concrete options available.

Contact us today to learn more about our competitive prices.

Frequently asked questions

What is fibre reinforced concrete used for?

Fibre reinforced concrete is used for roads, bridges, tunnels, airport pavements, industrial floors, and earthquake-resistant structures and many other applications. Essentially, it’s used where high performance and longevity are essential. This is because the fibres provide resistance against cracking, impact, shrinkage and fatigue.

Do you need rebar with fibre reinforced concrete?

Fibre reinforced concrete can replace or supplement traditional rebar reinforcement. Although the fibres can increase tensile strength and control cracking, they may not entirely eliminate the need for rebar. This is especially true for heavy-load bearing structures. When combined, they offer added reinforcement and durability to concrete structures.

Does fibre reinforced concrete crack?

Under certain conditions, fibre reinforced concrete can still crack. However, the use of fibres helps to control and mitigate cracking compared to standard and general mixes. How it works is that the fibres act as micro-reinforcement, reducing the width of cracks and strengthening the concrete as a result.

Micromix Fibre Reinforced Concrete

  • Competitive concrete prices
  • Same day delivery
  • Specialising in small loads of concrete from 0.5m3 – 4.0m3
  • Small agile delivery trucks > better site access and less risk of damage
  • Prompt, reliable and friendly service
  • Experienced sales team who can offer advice for end use suitable mixes
  • FORS accredited drivers

Concrete delivery quote

Micromix deliver concrete small loads across Scotland, North East, and Yorkshire including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Doncaster, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle, County Durham and the surrounding areas. 

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What our customers say

The experience with the MICROMIX team was one of efficiency and reliability - a great company to deal with from the initial order through to the onsite support at the pour.
ACP Carpentry

  • Prompt, reliable and friendly service
  • Experienced sales team who can offer advice for end use suitable mixes
  • Small agile delivery trucks view truck sizes
  • Same day delivery / Competitive prices

Quality concrete assured

Using our experience and knowledge we are here to advise on any project requirement. We offer a wide range of readymix and high performance concretes. Our team is here to create the perfect solution to meet your exact requirements, no matter how specific they may be. We offer a range of concrete additives and admixtures to tailor your concrete solution.


Your local concrete experts

We are your local minimix concrete and flowing screed supplier in Scotland, North East, and Yorkshire including Doncaster, Sheffield, Leeds and the surrounding areas. We supply concrete to projects of all sizes and offer same day concrete delivery.


Give our sales team a call and we can advise on how much concrete you need and what type of concrete will be best suited to your job.

Fibre Reinforced Concrete delivery


Our trucks are designed to carry small loads of readymix concrete. Please make sure you have sufficient access to your site or house to allow our driver to deliver. 

The truck dimensions are for indication / illustration purposes only. 

We cannot be held responsible for any variation in size of the actual delivery vehicle due to the numerous and varied minimix concrete trucks within our fleet. 

Please contact a member of our team if you have very specific access issues and we will be happy to arrange a site visit. 


Max Gross Weight: 18 Tonnes 
Width: 9ft 8in (294cm) 
Length: 21ft 10in (665cm) 
Height: 12ft (366cm) 


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